Decibel is a song by ACDC. It appears on Black Ice.

Lyrics Edit

Take up all your time,

Kick up your heels, lookin’ fine,

And you come riding blind,

You come rollin’ back a while,

Wind blowin’ on ya,

We’re gonna move on and on,

Sweating heat, soak you all,

Being out will make you crawl all night,

Decibel, decibel,

Has you from deep inside,

You were waving then you smiled,

Give me rock and roll,

They’re in love,

Love, in the rain,

They’re in there rocking standing proud,


That’s the history of rock and roll,


(Guitar Solo)

Rain is coming on,

We’re gonna ride along,

A hundred miles in all,

Getting in night ‘til dawn,

Spread the joy going on,

Yeah, hard and long,

Staring down, with a shock hit the ground,




You come rolling back a while,



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